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M4 - Smart Motorway Scheme

The Challenge

The objective of the M4 Smart Motorway Scheme is to upgrade the M4 between Junction 3 at Hayes and junction 12 at Theale to a smart motorway. This will create an additional lane for traffic which, alongside the implementation of smart technology and sensors such as Stopped Vehicle Detection, will increase capacity, reduce congestion, help manage accidents and ultimately enhance the commuter experience. The project commenced in 2018 and aims to be finished by 2022.

Working alongside the main contractor Balfour Beatty Vinci Alliance (BBV), our role is to install the street lighting and technology infrastructure from Junction 3 to Junction 12. 


Value of Entire Scheme


Vehicles per Day Travel on the M4


Charity Donations

Our Approach

Our team have been able to bring the full depth of their knowledge to the Alliance team during this project. We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of quality and have our own Inspection Test Plan (ITP) system, that outlines which inspections and tests will be carried out to ensure quality on the project.

We built a 7m concrete wall at an additional expense £7,000 to enable us to conduct a trial before we commenced the building of a wall. This helped us to establish the bolt installation process and subsequent grouting of the columns ensuring that there was no damage to the cast wall when these works started. It also allowed us to design and trial an earthing system which was accepted by the designer.

We always aim to use the best materials. For example we have been heavily involved with the development of the feeder pillars in the many different variations used on the scheme. This again has saved both time and cost. A major innovation was the design and installation of the combined technology cabinets that we undertook with our supply chain partner ICEE.  These units have become a standard design within the Highways England Technology Infrastructure.

Design work with our supply chain partners allowed us to provide a solution to the installation bolt anchors required to utilise galvanised street lighting columns instead of aluminium columns. Achieving this design solution saved the contract approximately £250,000.

Throughout the project, we proposed various innovative solutions to enhance the quality of our work and ensure value for money. This included:

  • above-ground troughing in areas where it was not possible to trench and install ducting 
  • a recycled plastic trough not previously used on highways which was substantially cheaper, had minimal lead time and was easy to install
  • an over-coring solution which allowed bolts which had been incorrectly cast to be removed and replaced with new bolts into the correct position.

Health, safety and wellbeing 

Due to the limited working area of the site, it’s a very congested network with many people and vehicles working in the same area and heavy traffic passing through. We used clear signage to prevent people and traffic from entering certain areas. Careful planning and sequencing of works also mitigated contractor clashes which we achieved through collaborative planning between contractors and the BBV team.

We ensured the team were looked after, this was particularly important during the pandemic. We provided serviced apartments for everyone on site, which meant they could have their own personal space, do their own cooking and have their rooms cleaned regularly. We were careful to prevent fatigue of our people, ensuring no one exceeded their working hours and that everyone had a 12 hour rest between shifts

We partnered with Reactec to provide their HAVwear & Reactec Analytics to staff working on site. This is a watch that captures personal exposure to Hand -Arm Vibration risk through using machinery. 

We had a designated H&S manager on-site who was with the team full-time conducting safety tours and ensuring the wellbeing of our people. 

Social Value

We collaborated with Balfour Beatty Vinci Alliance on a number of social value activities throughout the project. Examples of this include:

  • Christmas toy appeal for KidsOut. Hundreds of toys were donated with an estimated value of over £2,000. 
  • Big Night In 2020 virtual event to raise money for charity. Over £100,000  was raised and divided between NHS charities direct, Slough Food bank and Daisys Dream.
  • Each year the project selects two charities to support so that every time an observation is submitted on site through the app, the project donates £1 to charity (being split equally between the two). 


We strive to work collaboratively with our supply chain partners in order to provide the best solution for our client. 

When it became apparent that street lighting columns and radar masts had been designed either on a slope or within 1m of a slope, a new design of the columns and masts was required. Swift liaison with our supply chain partners allowed us to offer the client solutions quickly that would mitigate potential programme delays. We were able to quickly source extension tubes that would allow the standard masts to be installed as designed, but within a tube that had been installed to a greater depth.  

Alongside this solution we also provided a design of a 10m mast with
an extended root which had the ability to accept radar sensors at either 8m or 10m. By making the extended root a standard length it mitigated the possibility of the wrong mast used at any location.

In addition, we recognise the importance of having strong working relationships across the wider team. Over the course of the project we have fostered these by arranging team building sessions. This included a golf day for members of the Alliance to have a chance to get to know each other and take a break from work.



Our Commitments

Our team has the capacity and quality of resources to satisfy all motorway lighting and communications systems projects. Together with our supply chain we have:

  • A UK resource base covering the required disciplines with specialist staff across the UK.

  • A regionally based approach that enables a local focus, minimising excessive transport.

Expert Word

Case studies

A14 Cambridge to Huntingdon
Improvement Scheme

The Challenge

The A14 is a key road transport corridor between the North, the Midlands and the East of England. The objective of this improvement scheme was to widen and extend the A14 between Huntingdon and Cambridge, to improve traffic congestion and safety, and enhance the commuter experience. 
The Integrated Delivery Team (IDT) included Balfour Beatty, Skanska and Costain. The role of Bouygues Energies & Services included all civil infrastructure work in motorway communications and the street lighting. This included the excavation and installation of ducting and chambers, re-instatement for ducts to house cable, installation of access walkways and steps for communications cabinets, installation of street lighting columns and all associated cabling and electrical work, and testing and commissioning of all lighting and communications assets.
Work on the scheme commenced in November 2016 and the new road re-opened in May 2020, with the final stages due to re-commence in October 2021.


Vehicles per day travel on the A14

21 miles

Of the A14 upgraded


Value of entire scheme

Health, safety and wellbeing 

We introduced a number of health, safety and wellbeing initiatives to enhance the competency level of our supervisors and reduce the risk of our workers on site. 

We had a Health & Safety manager on site who closely monitored the works and was the point of contact for the team.

Works on this project were completed throughout the pandemic and we provided serviced apartments to everyone on site, which meant they could have their own personal space, do their own cooking and have their rooms cleaned regularly.

We installed 360 camera sensors for our machines, and our supervisors underwent Black Hat training in order to gain added responsibility on site. 

We also ensured that none of our people worked over their allocated hours and had a 12 hour break between shifts. 

Due to the size of the project and various subcontractors using heavy machinery, strict health & safety precautions had to be taken in order to ensure people were not working in close proximity to this machinery. This required careful coordination to avoid clashes with work.

We ensured our partners were FORS accredited and introduced plant requirements such as FORS silver for heavy vehicles. 

Competence and capability

Throughout our works, we drove a culture of ‘right first time’ and demonstrated our ability to adapt to unforeseen scenarios to ensure quality, efficiency and cost-effectiveness. 

We were engaged with the client’s pre-construction teams before works started in order to prevent any design ambiguities and to suggest improvements that could save the client money. 


Our team attended weekly planning meetings with other subcontractors to promote collaboration across the site. We also sent out a weekly ‘look ahead’ note so everyone was aware of what was going on. This worked well and improved communication across the site. 

We set up a weekly site tour with the appropriate supervisors and engineers to agree our aims, assess if that section was ready to undergo works, and determine who else would be undergoing works there.

We collectively came up with a weekly plan, which managed expectations and eliminated ambiguity around what we wanted to achieve that week. This collective and visual approach led to effective planning sessions. 

Digitalisation and Innovation

We vastly improved it document control with the introduction of office 365 applications such as One Drive and Microsoft Teams in order to share information in one place. 

We introduced and improved the online site diary and allocation sheets, so that all parties were happy with the information included. 

In addition we introduced a digital quality check procedure. This is something that we would like to implement going forward to ensure greater collaboration and visibility of what is going on.

Social Value

We collaborated with our partners Balfour Beatty, Skanska and Costain IDT on a number of initiatives to benefit the local communities throughout the project.

Examples of this include;

  • A funding pot of £400,000 was launched in July 2016 by the A14 Community Fund with £110,000 of it already allocated to 16 local projects, including to encourage outdoor activities such as cycling and walking. 
  • Grants of up to £10,000 are available to those living along the A14 in Cambridgeshire.
  • Built local footbridges for schools, providing pupils with safe access. 


Throughout the scheme, we took a proactive approach by seeking to agree quotations in advance of the works to help with forecast and budget certainty. 

We ensured regular submission of revised programmes, with detailed breakdowns of progress to date along with additional works and delays, to identify potential impacts to the critical path and/or the completion date.




Our Commitments

Our team has the capacity and quality of resources to satisfy all motorway lighting and communications systems projects. Together with our supply chain we have:

  • A UK resource base covering the required disciplines with specialist staff across the UK.

  • A regionally based approach that enables a local focus, minimising excessive transport.

Expert Word

Bouygues Energies & Services receives RoSPA Gold Medal Award for health and safety achievements

Bouygues Energies & Services receives RoSPA Gold Medal Award for health and safety achievements

Bouygues Energies & Services are thrilled to be celebrating landing an internationally-recognised award for the 7th consecutive year for demonstrating high health and safety standards.

Bouygues Energies & Services has received a RoSPA Gold Medal Health and Safety Award for working hard to ensure its staff, clients and contractors get home safely to their families at the end of every working day.


Case studies


Axis shield are experts in development of novel proprietary diagnostic tests in areas of clinical need and their incorporation onto the menus of the high throughput analysers of their partners, using a variety of assay technologies. To support their continued development and reduce their energy usage Axis Shield required an upgrade of their existing 20-year-old chillers and AHU’s units to more efficient systems used for heating and cooling temperatures needed in the labs, offices and canteen areas.



Client Saving

Over 101,800kWh

Annual Energy Saving






Bouygues Energies & Services were appointed as the preferred installer on this project, they specified a system that would give Axis Shield an incredible saving of 101,850kWh approximately £11,203.46.

The Bouygues Energies & Services team provided a full turnkey solution that included initial investigation, energy survey, design and installation. The whole programme was planned to the dot to ensure minimum downtime and disruption to their operation. 


To ensure the site was completed in the given timeframe and shutdown period, the site team started dismantling unnecessary parts from the existing system, giving them more time to install the new upgraded direct drive with fan array, filters and provide a general clean-up of the framework.

In the process, the engineering team on site replaced the pumps, fans, chillers and re-pipped where necessary. Completing the site to the highest standard meeting British standards and CIBSE guidelines. 

Shunt Pump


Energy saving and subsequent cost savings

Benefit from a massive financial saving long term on using the HVAC system and cleaner air 

Improved reliability 

The new system allows the client a peace of mind knowing it has been fully serviced and is working to it’s optimum level 

Improved health and safety

The new system will provide a better-quality air. Filters, pump and pipework being replaced ensures there isn’t dust travelling with the air 


Bouygues E&S Strikes Gold!

We are thrilled to announce that Bouygues E&S Solutions has been awarded a Gold award from The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) for the ninth consecutive year, for our Health and Safety policies and regulations. The virtual awards ceremony will be held on 9th September.